Give Us Your Poor, Your Cold, Your Homeless – Unless They Are Sex Offenders

A heart-breaking read on the National Reform Sex Offender Laws blog about how many people experiencing homelessness, and are registered sex offenders, are denied shelter - even in the bitter cold of winter. 

For many [homeless] shelters, the rules are simple; you are welcome unless you have previously caused a serious problem while a guest with them OR unless you are a registered sex offender. If you are on the registry, you don’t get in, and this is based on nothing but being part of a group who are as totally diverse in deeds and character as it is possible to be. Most had a single offense, many fifteen and twenty and even thirty years ago. Some of the offenses were misdemeanors. Many of the offenses were statutory. Most were non-violent. Many were non-contact. Some were not even sexually related. Some—some studies suggest up to a third—were committed when the offender was a child or a minor. 

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