Resources for Parents and Guardians

Talking to your kids about personal boundaries, sexting, and appropriate behaviors with technology are simple in comparison to dealing with a lifetime of registration, possible jail time, and the stigma of being labeled for something that doesn't stem from criminal thinking. 

Talk to your kids about social media and sexting
Sexting could result in a criminal record. It is illegal to distribute child pornography, and someone who's underage can be charged with distributing child pornography, even if s/he is disseminating photos of him/herself. So can the boyfriend or girlfriend who shares the pictures with someone else. 

Talk to your kids about appropriate behavior on the web
There is a difference between sexuality and sexualization. Some teens may feel that they're expected to have extensive carnal knowledge at an early age—because "everyone else does." Here's where you come in. You can be the reality check for your kid.

Talk to your kids about sexual violence

Sexual violence affects many aspects of a victim's life—including safety and health, family and work situations, and finances—and often leads to perplexing legal questions. To receive basic assistance, victims often must navigate a complicated maze of governmental and community agencies.

SARTs, or sexual assault response teams, help victims through the maze.


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