We've developed a toolkit resource to accompany the short documentary film, Required to Register to help individuals and groups educate themselves and young people about the impact of legislation around sex offenders.

Sex offender legislation can drastically change the lives kids, in addition to the lives of their families, friends and communities.

-       Parents
-       Teachers
-     Coaches
-       School Personnel
-     Community Leaders
-     Day Care Providers
-     After-school staff
-     Community members

The toolkit was created to support meaningful discussion about the film’s content and how legislation can impact young people, based on their behavior.

The sections of the guide include:

-       Impacts of Sex Offender Legislation on youth
-       Sexting
-     Sexual Abuse
-     Sex Crimes
-     What you can do

Take the time to review the guide and select the sections based on the needs of your audience.