12 minutes | USA | 2014 

Executive Producer JOANNE SMITH  Producers PHIL BATTA and DAWN DEWALD
Cinematography by PHIL BATTA  Edited by MARY HELENA CLARK 

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Jo Anne Smith is a social worker who has worked in the field of abuse and neglect for over 35 years. She has been the director of several social service agencies, one of which worked with individuals and families struggling with the issues of sexual abuse, working with both offenders, victims and their communities. Ms. Smith teaches criminal justice students and masters level students on sex offenders, family violence and health/mental health issues in the Corrections System. She also has a private practice in which she focuses on trauma related issues, forensic evaluations and evaluations for the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services and private social service agencies throughout the Metropolitan Chicago Area.

DIRECTOR AND PRODUCER Phil Batta specializes in short-form branded documentaries and cross-platform content marketing to create visually rich media for social impact. His documentary work has appeared on PBS, The New Yorker, UK’s Channel 4, The Guardian,  ABC7 and CNN. Phil’s work focuses on social issues, the visually subtle human dynamics that divide and bring people together. 

PRODUCER Dawn Dewald has worked on numerous film campaigns as a community outreach coordinator, including The Homestretch by Kartemquin Educational Films (Hoop Dreams, The Interrupters) and @home by Kindling Group (The Calling), prior to working with the theatrical distribution company Music Box Films (Ida, Girl With a Dragon Tattoo trilogy) as a publicity coordinator for the Oscar-shortlisted film Meru. She consults content producers on digital media and engagement strategy. 

EDITOR Mary Helena Clark makes films and videos in which she explores narrative figures of speech, the materiality of film, and the painting technique trompe l'oeil. 

MUSIC Porn Sword Tobacco is Henrik Jonsson from Gothenburg, Sweden. His work is experimental, ambient, and electronic.